Why join the MIVDF?
The Michigan Volunteer Defense Force needs you whether you have military experience or not. You can join a state authorized military unit that provides support to local and state agencies during declared emergencies.
SGT Santiago"I served in Iraq and I wanted to continue to serve. The Michigan Volunteer Defense Force is a great way to do that."
PFC Little: "As a single mom, I never got the chance to join the military. Now I have the opportunity to serve my state, my country, and learn new skills like search and rescue."
Commitment is only one Saturday a month.
For more information, contact a MIVDF Recruiter at (517) 292-3157‬ or by email at mivdf.application@gmail.com.

 The Michigan Volunteer Defense Force recruits and trains soldiers from all walks of life.

The Michigan Volunteer Defense Force consists of  one brigade with six battalions that serve the entire state of Michigan at the direction of the Governor of Michigan and the Michigan National Guard Adjutant General.