MIVDF Missions 


The MIVDF works in conjunction with Community Emergency Response Teams to provide reliable support personnel during times of local or statewide emergencies.


Defense Force soldiers are required to take instructional courses through the Emergency Management Institute. These courses provide a framework for CERT teams and other organizations to use for a coordinated response in any situation. 



The MIVDF supplies support staff to assist the Michigan National Guard with Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (JRSOI) exercises and deployments.


The MIVDF trains alongside Michigan National Guard units in various locations throughout the state.


(NOTE: While the YouTube video depict a JRSOI exercise, the video does not take place in Michigan nor does it involve the MIVDF.)


Search & Rescue


MIVDF planners devise a variety of scenarios and utilize difficult terrain while training for search and rescue efforts.  


As a result of this training, MIVDF battalions are deployed throughout the state in order to assist law enforcement units, the Michigan National Guard, and other SAR teams in the search for missing persons.



Retirement Services Specialists
The MIVDF supports Michigan National Guard service members by offering trained personnel that specialize in retirement services.
If you or a loved one may qualify for military benefits through any branch of the military, please contact the Service Member, Veteran and Family Assistance Center