"Ever Vigilant, Ever Ready..."
What does this mean?
It means that the state, your community, and your family expect you (as a member of the Michigan Volunteer Defense Force) to be properly trained, ready to serve, and to assist when called to duty.
We live in uncertain times that require all citizens to concern themselves with preparedness.  As a citizen of the State of Michigan, you have a unique opportunity to become a skilled soldier that can make a real and lasting difference in the community in which you live and serve.
Whether it is basic first aid, CERT, advanced search & rescue, or qualification for Military Emergency Management Specialist, you will become proficient in civilian and military preparedness.
This preparedness means that you will become a part of the solution, a part of the team, and an asset that can be called upon for service.
The Michigan Volunteer Defense Force is currently accepting applications from qualified candidates to join our ranks.
The Michigan Volunteer Defense Force welcomes veterans of the United States Armed Forces and those that do not have prior military service.
"There's this about duty--it never ends." --Anonymous
   Recruiting Office, MIVDF
   (517) 292-3157
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